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030600 - Heavy-Duty Gear Pullers Assortment

030600 - Heavy-Duty Gear Pullers Assortment
030600 - Heavy-Duty Gear Pullers Assortment
Item Number: 030600
Brand: CTA Tools

  • All Pullers are forged from alloy, heat-treated steel, with fine-threaded center screws for extra pulling power
  • Jaws are adjustable and/or reversible to broaden applications
  • Most 3-Jaw Pullers can also convert to 2-Jaw Pullers
  • Assortment Features:
    • Includes 24” x 42” (61cm x 107cm) vinyl template, silk-screened with tool outlines and die-cut to fit 1” pegboard
    • Includes complete set of hooks
    • Replacement parts available
    • Tools can be purchased individually

Size & Weight Application Chart: 

CTA # Size Weight Limit
8000B  4” 2-Ton 
8005B  6” 5-Ton 
8010B  7” 5-Ton 
8020 10” 7-Ton
8030 15” 13-Ton
8035B 4” 2-Ton
8040B  7” 5-Ton 
8045B  8” 5-Ton 
8050B  10” 7-Ton
8057 14” 13-Ton



Hook the jaws to the desired gear, component, etc. being pulled/removed.

Jaws can be reversed to grab the gear, component, etc. from the outer or inner edge.

Turn the thrust screw until it contacts the center shaft, apply pressure until the jaws are secure.

Slowly turn the center screw until the desired component has been removed.



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