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2013 CTA Manufacturing Corp,
Carlstadt, NJ USA

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From micro-thin "Plastigage" to 600 Foot-Pound Torque Wrenches, CTA offers one of the widest ranges of Professional Specialty Tools in the market. Whether tuning up your ‘68 Corvette or changing the oil on a John Deere tractor, CTA can supply you with the tools needed to do the job. Click Here to Buy Online!

PDF Catalogs:
Oil Filter Wrenches
     Cartridge Type Oil Filter Application Chart
     Oil Filter Application Guide
  Drain Plug
  Grease & Fluid
  Cooling & ATF Systems
  Fluid Lines
Engine - External Components
    Radiator Pressure Tester Adapter Application Chart
Spark Plug Thread Repair
Engine - Internal Components
Pressure Testers
    Diesel Adapter Application Chart
Ignition / Tune Up / Electrical Tools
Spark Plug Gauges / Feeler Gauges
Brake & Wheel Tools
    Spindle/Axle Nut Socket Application Guide
    Wheel Bearing Lock Nut Socket Application Guide
    Brake Bleeder Adapters Application Guide
  Steering & Suspension Tools
Air Conditioning
Pullers & Puller Sets
    Clutch Alignment Tool Application Guide
Tire & Air
Specialty Pliers
Specialty Bits & Sockets
Torque Wrenches
Thread Repair and Fastener
General Service - Brushes, Mirrors & Pick-Up Tools
General Service - Picks, Scrapers & Knives
General Service - Tools & Accessories
Click HERE to view our FULL 2013 CTA Catalog
(Please be patient as it is a large file)