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2233 - Parallel-Lift Valve Spring Compressor

2233 - Parallel-Lift Valve Spring Compressor
2233 - Parallel-Lift Valve Spring Compressor
Item Number: 2233
Brand: CTA Tools

  • Services 1" to 2" (25mm to 51mm) spring diameters found on vehicles with L-head and valve-in-head engines
  • 10" (25cm) opening and 10" (25cm) depth
  • Will not bend valve stems
  • Includes offset and straight adjusting jaws

Instructions for Operating:

  1. Safety Glasses and equipment must be used at all times.
  2. Select either set of jaws and adjust to fit spring by turning thumb screw.
  3. To adjust lifter put handle into the almost closed position with the beveled washer that is attached to the screw on the head of the valve and the jaws beside the spring. Turn the threaded screw until the jaws are in the desired position the jaws will be in when the spring is compressed. It is important that the handle operates easily in the closed position. If necessary make appropriate adjustments to properly compress spring.
  4. Open spring compressor by pulling handle back, then place jaws on spring and beveled washer on valve.
  5. To compress spring compressor, push handle into the locked position. Split locks are now ready for removal.
  6. To reassemble; compress spring and using split lock replacer (do not use fingers), hold locks on valve stem. Slowly release handle and make sure keepers are seated correctly. It is important that the handle be released in a slow controlled manner.


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