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7630 - Subaru Crank Socket

7630 - Subaru Crank Socket
7630 - Subaru Crank Socket
Item Number: 7630
Brand: CTA Tools

  • Crankshaft socket slips over crank snout
  • Enables engine builder to rotate a complete engine with any 1/2" ratchet or breaker bar
  • Designed to allow easy location of TDC while performing timing belt replacement or other engine work
  • Eliminate risk of damage to crankshaft snout or incorrect engine rotation
  • Comparable to Subaru Tool #499987500
  • Applications:
    • Impreza (1993-2015)
    • Forester (1998-2009)
    • Legacy & Outback (1994-2009)
    • Baja (2004-2006)
    • SVX (1991-1996)
    • Saab 9-2X (2005-2006)

​​WARNING: Never use an impact wrench with the crank bolt socket to rotate engine

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