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7480 - 10 Pc. Oil Funnel Kit

7480 - 10 Pc. Oil Funnel Kit
  • 7480 - 10 Pc. Oil Funnel Kit
  • 7480 - 10 Pc. Oil Funnel Kit
7480 - 10 Pc. Oil Funnel Kit
Item Number: 7480
Brand: CTA Tools


  • Allows for fast oil filling without spillage or waste
  • Great for vehicles with internal baffles or shields
  • Color-coded adapters fit oil filler holes on many European, Asian & US vehicles
  • 2 liter universal funnel fits all adapters
  • Special angled extension with locking design allows access in hard-to-reach applications
  • All parts available separately

No.          Description                                        Color            Applications

7471        2 Liter Funnel                                    White          Fits all CTA Adapters 

7484        Angled Extension                              Black           Fits all CTA Adapters 

7473        Adapter w/ Bayonet                          Red              European & Dodge Sprinter

7474        Adapter w/ M42 x 4.5 Thread         Purple          Subaru            

7485        Adapter 1/4 turn Thread                 Light Blue    VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda                                   

7482        Adapter w/ M37 x 3.0 Thread         Blue              Toyota, Lexus, Scion & Pontiac      

7476        Adapter w/ M35 x 4.0 Thread         Orange         Ford, Mazda, Jaguar & Land Rover              

7477        Adapter w/ M32 x 3.5 Thread         Green           Dodge, Honda, Acura, Nissan, Jaguar, Ford, Mazda, Jeep & Land Rover         

7478        Adapter w/ Bayonet Fitting            Yellow          Toyota & Lexus                                                      

7483        Adapter 1/2 turn Thread                 Red               Cadillac, Chevy, Ford, GMC, Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda, Saab &                                                                                                  Mercury      
Also available:

7480U      4 Pc Oil Filler Adapter Update Kit      

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